Complete Funeral Service

Dyches Funeral Service by Dyches Funeral Home

We focus on managing the difficult process of planning and organizing a complete funeral service, so you don’t have to—even in short notice.

Dyches Funeral Home & Crematory offers complete funeral services that include a public or private family viewing of the deceased. The viewing is then followed by a service, typically in either the church or at the funeral home.  At the end of the service, we will conduct an earth or above-ground burial of the casket.

We know that planning a funeral is always difficult, whether you are pre-planning a funeral or reacting to a sudden death. It is important that during such a difficult time you can rely on a trusted partner to help you plan a complete funeral service for your loved one. With this in mind, we can help you plan all aspects of a complete funeral service, including:

  • Should I select a traditional burial or cremation?
  • How do I ensure final wishes are executed?
  • What kind of casket should I select?
  • How do I select an urn?
  • What kind of ceremony should be performed?
  • Who should I notify?

Every funeral service is different. In fact, the religion, customs and final wishes of someone who passes away requires the utmost respect and dignity to ensure that those who survive the deceased can find solace. Contact Dyches Funeral Home and Crematory today at 803-259-7722 to learn more about our complete funeral services. 

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