When a Death Occurs

When a death occurs, we're here to help

The passing of a dear family member or friend is always a difficult moment we must deal with and Dyches Funeral Home and Crematory is here to help you get through it.

A death calls for reacting quickly to a wide variety of needs and situations that must be addressed to ensure that everyone—from family and friends to employers and doctors—can support you in resolving untied ends. However, we understand the distressed emotional state that you and your family are going through and the staff at Dyches Funeral Home and Crematory is always ready to help you make final arrangements during this most difficult time.

When a Death Occurs at Home

If the passing occurs at a home or residence when no one is present, you must call the Police and/or the Coroner’s office for your city or town. Only under their supervision can a deceased’s remains be removed or transported out of that residence. If family and friends are present during the time of death and the person is under the care of a physician or nurse, the family can contact Dyches Funeral Home and Crematory directly.

When a Death Occurs at Work

If death occurs at the place of employment or while working offsite, it is important for a supervisor, coworker or family member to contact Emergency Personnel by calling 911 (in the event that the person could be revived) and Dyches Funeral Home and Crematory. You should know that a death resulting from an accident at work must be investigated by the Police or other law enforcement branches before the deceased may be released to our care.

When a Death Occurs while under Supervised Care

A death that occurs under the supervision of staff at a medical institution, including a hospital, nursing home or hospice facility, they must notify both the family and emergency personnel. We often advise to provide these institutions with the name of a funeral home where final arrangements or pre-planned funeral services have been secured. The standard procedure for a Funeral Director is to contact next of kin to ensure that they can provide additional information. In addition, when the death occurs at a hospice facility, the staff usually has standard procedures to contact the deceased’s doctor, Coroner and family members.

Should you need help in managing any of these scenarios or if you are not sure about what to do next, please contact Dyches Funeral Home and Crematory at 803.259.7722 so that we can assist you.

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