Meaningful Funerals

Planning a meaningful funeral

Dyches Funeral Home and Crematory is committed to providing the most meaningful funeral ceremony and service possible.

According to Dr. Alan Wolfelt, a world-renowned grief expert, there are specific elements to having a meaningful funeral ceremony where we celebrate a life:

  • Music – This is a respectful way to remember a person, particularly when playing songs that were of special meaning to that individual. Music can also connect the mourning family and friends by recalling specific stages of the deceased’s life, including their heritage.
  • Readings – The reading of epistles, psalms or other favorite readings from the Bible or other religious texts can provide support for family and friends during the time of grief.
  • Visitation & Reception – This is of particular importance because it is an opportunity for family and friends to come together and share the joy of having known the deceased, as well as activating the support of the human network as a mourning and healing effort.
  • Eulogy & Remembrance – The opportunity to celebrate life through a meaningful eulogy delivered by a family member, a close friend or a pastor or priest who knew the deceased will bring joy and peace to those who attend the funeral ceremony—and bring closure to this chapter of his or her life.
  • Symbols – As humans, we communicate in a more complex way, where a symbol—such as flowers, food, candles or the display of the deceased’s body—serves the purpose of expressing how we feel, our thoughts and the love we had for that person in life.
  • Procession, Committal Service or Gathering – A public procession celebrates life and the end of its journey. Committal services show solidarity as the funeral party follows the body to the final resting place. Gathering is one of the best ways to share thoughts, stories and grief with others who knew the deceased.
  • Memories – The final element of a meaningful wedding deals with the sharing of memories. This may be done publicly or via symbols or physical manifestations using memory books, DVDs or movies, letters, or even recording the funeral ceremony to share with those who were not able to be present.

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