Urgent Funeral Arrangements

Making urgent funeral arrangements with Dyches Funeral Home

If you are accessing this page because of a sudden death, we are here to help and hereby extend our condolences during this difficult time.

Arranging funeral services is a necessary event at this point and we know how difficult it is to make decisions during this time. Dyches Funeral Home and Crematory can handle many of the arrangements to help ease the burden, including:

  • Transporting the body from home or hospital
  • Requesting a Death Certificate
  • Presenting options for Funeral Services or memorial
  • Assist in the selection of a casket or urn
  • Writing a meaningful Obituary

Our staff can also provide guidance in other decisions to make during this time, including contacting the deceased’s place of employment. In addition, it is important that you contact other parties who need to be aware of the passing of your loved one, including attorneys, doctors, financial institutions, and insurance companies. The sooner you contact them, the sooner death-related benefits and legal proceedings may begin.

If you wish to have faith-based services, you should also contact the church or congregation of the deceased to request a religious funeral ceremony by a pastor or priest. We are very respectful of your need to hold a funeral service that is in accordance with the deceased’s faith and beliefs and will work with you to make those arrangements.

To make urgent funeral arrangements, please contact Dyches Funeral Home and Crematory at 803.259.7722 or visit our Contact Page for more information about making funeral arrangements through our funeral home.

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